How Dare You?: MattyBRaps’ “Juicy” (Notorious B.I.G. cover)

Artist: Matty B or MattyBRaps

Song: “Juicy” (Cover)

UPDATE: Between writing and publication, this video disappeared from the YouTubes. This post may be the only record of the event. If I disappear, you know who to look for.

Sample Lyrics: Thinkin’ back to what rhymes with Matt / Now my mom rocks a hat with my name on the back, uh / And she loves to show me off, of course / Smiles every time my face is up in Billboard

NOTE: Is it fair to judge a child? No, but this isn’t about fairness. This is about audacity. How Dare You? only deals with whether an artist is bold or disrespectful.

Plus, if you’re feeling grown enough to take on Notorious B.I.G, you’re grown enough to be tried as an adult in the How Dare You? courts.


Matty B— Matthew David Morris to his mom — is a 12-year old YouTube rap star from Georgia. Matty B has been rapping covers of popular songs since 2010. Yes, since he was SEVEN. He has 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube; some of his videos have over 50 million views. Matty B is not playing wit’ you.

Do I look to be in a gaming mood?


Right away, there are many questions. Who gave all these children Red Solo Cups? That’s how it starts, parents and guardians.

Also, what abandoned railyard is this being filmed in? This looks like the firt five minute of Without A Trace when the cool kid tell his friends he’s going to catch with them in a minute.

Why am I jealous that Matty B has a limo? How dare he achieve a car full of his friends ahead of me?

This cover is … good. For a kid rapping about his come-up, it’s very affecting. Matty B is just speaking earnestly about his life and times. For example:

Born sinner, the opposite of a winner
Remember when I used to say “what if” at dinner
Lines to record, just a kid with a dream
Sold out seats to hear MattyB speak
I’m blowin’ up like you thought I would
Call the crib, same number same hood
It’s all good

Matty B stays being humble. Despite millions of views and concerts in area malls doesn’t mean his going to ditch his hood. That he is a minor isn’t even the problem.

Even his Obligatory Black Handshake of Coolness seems genuine. Nick Jonas could never pull this off.

WHAT WERE YOU DOING AT 12?: A MattyBRaps Retrospective

Matty B has recorded with Vanilla Ice. I had a paper route that I reguarly absconded from.

Matty B has been on Dr. Phil and Wendy Williams. I had a cat named Mickey that my parents gave away because I was not interested in dealing with kitty litter.

Matty B wrote a sweet rap song about his sister because she was being bullied. I often told my brother he smelled. (He did.)


Pictured above: foolishness.

Matty B is already good. It might yet get better. Matty B is 12 and is putting in work. If you can’t see the goodness and light of this, then talk to your optometrist cause you cannot see joy. This kid could be out there acting a fool and playing around with rap like it’s a joke. He could be Macklemore. God help us, he could be Riff Raff (see picture at left).


The How Dare You? Scoring system: The artist begins with 100 points for sheer audacity.

  • Mom and sister make a cameo: +23
  • Pre-teens holding Red Solo Cups: -12
  • Lyrics are sweet: +15
  • Takes lines directly from Biggie: -50
  • Rocking a branded fitted like some kind of tiny boss: +17
  • Doing more with his time than most adults: +45
  • …sort of kind of cultural appropriation but if this is how a generation of kids discover Biggie, that’s okay too, right?: points inconclusive
  • The girls in the video have braces: +10

Total points: Inconclusive. How Dare You? is leaning towards declaring Matty B to be bold in his audaciousness. But, ay, Matty B: Look at that Riff Raff picture and make good choices. Don’t want to see you back in this court.


“I’ve always really liked hip-hop cause I just love the beats in it,” MattyB told A Plus. “It just gets me happy and I love to dance to it.” Word, Matty.

When I was 11, I lost a pair of black and white Adidas runners somewhere between Minneapolis and Chicago. My life's goal is to get them back. Those exact ones.

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